The workshop is the series of two-hour master-classes run by festival guests, prominent European authors. The topics are related to authorial approaches in contemporary documentary filmmaking. Each author creates the concept for her or his workshop to her or his wish and best knowledge.


The workshop is primarily geared towards young film authors and film students as well as students in related art disciplines, but also towards all those who feel the need for a different kind of “film food”; film professionals and professional amateurs are also the suitable candidates for our workshop.


To apply for the workshop, it is necessary to complete the application form which can be found on the festival website, and send it by June 03, 2018. All applicants will be notified in a timely manner whether they have been accepted or not. If you don’t get a response until June 5th send an email to to check whether your application has reached us. Please make sure to leave your contacts, email as well as the telephone number, so we can be able to quickly get in touch with you in case there are unexpected changes. It is necessary that the motivation letter contains the minimum of 1000 characters.


The official language of the workshop is English. The workshop is free of charge, but it doesn’t include the tickets for the films. For each film the master-class is held the day after the screening: the first one is on June 09th, and the last on June 15th. The exact time and the place of the master-classes the participants will get via email, and it will also be published on our website. The chief moderators of the workshop will be the festival selector Tue Steen Muller and the festival director Zoran Popović. If you are interested to participate, you are expected to watch the films screened on the festival and attend the workshop regularly.


* The festival does not provide accommodation and travel arrangements for the participants coming from abroad, but can help in acquiring information about traveling to and staying in Belgrade during the festival.