UK 2017
90 minutes
directed by: Scott Barley

Scott Barley, a young British author, is already proclaimed by some critics to be "the greatest filmmaker of the millennial generation". Due to his works, which in a unique way merge documentary shots, drawings and animation, he has become one of the leading authors of Remodernist Film and Slow Cinema Movement.

"Sleep Has Her House" is a work of a powerful irrational charge that deeply pervades every frame, every scene. This is the film of images that haunt each other as spirits whose presence we merely perceive by intuition, unable to see them. These are the visions of the space that we recognize in the contours of the real and the material, and on the big cinema screen, they become alive and pulsate with an exciting inner rhythm. This is a fascinating visual testimony of omniconnection in the nature that arouses all of our inner senses and evokes our concentrated, active viewing in which we equally enjoy the beauty documented by the lens of the modern "writing" tool of a young author - "iPhone", as well as the work of the painter, visual artist and the creator of dreams.

Scott Barley, whose works are classified in "slow cinema movement" together with films of Tarkovsky and Bela Tar, as a great master of specific poetisation of visual impressions, introduces us into the studies of the night landscape scenes in which he forms his own visions by the procedures of adding new images to the recorded images, sometimes even in sixty layers. The avant-garde artist documents the transformation of images of reality into elusive inner dream scenes.

Exquisite avant-garde film!

Scott Barley

Scott Barley is an artist and filmmaker from Newport, South Wales. His work has been associated with the Remodernist film and slow cinema movements, and more recently anthropogenic, cosmological, and phenomenological cinema. It has often been compared with the sensibilities of Stan Brakhage, Philippe Grandrieux, Béla Tarr, Maya Deren, and Jean Epstein. Since early 2015, Barley has exclusively shot his films on an iPhone.

Selected filmography