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Welcome to Magnificent Seven!
Sava Center
January 30th to February 5th, 2014

Ten Years Older...
Well, I am told that the festival celebrates its 10th edition! Really? Is it true? I feel the festival more to be Ten Minutes Older, to bring in the title of the legendary short documentary by Herz Frank.

For me it is just a moment ago that we waited down at the stage in the Sava Centre on ..... 2005. Anxiously to see an audience enter the hall to watch ”Touch the Sound” by Thomas Riedelsheimer. The opening film of this European Feature Documentary Festival. People came, in huge numbers, and it has been like that since then. The Belgrade audience has been more than loyal to Magnificent7, simply the best that this travelling documentary observer knows. Thank you! Veliko, neizmerno hvala!

Herz Frank again: "In front of me on my work table is the central fragment from Raphael's fresco "The School of Athens". Plato and Aristotle discuss the philosophical meaning of life. Plato is pointing upwards - the essence is the Idea! Aristotle, on the other hand, has his palm pointing down to the ground - the basis is the material! Even earlier in the Old Testament (Genesis) both views are united. In the first book of Moses the first lines states: In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Read - the spiritual and the material.”

The spiritual and the material, facts and reflections, many narrative layers, personal interpretations that are filtered through a creative temperament, poetry and prose. The documentary is an art form. Important art stays in our minds and hearts.

I am sure that the 2014 selection will be remembered as well. Indeed it deals with the spiritual in films like ”Leviathan”, a more than magic visual tour-de-force on sea and ”Faith Connections” from India... Fasten your seat belts! Three autobiographical films are told in first person – Palestinian ”A World not Ours” from a refugee camp in Lebanon, ”Meine keine Familie” with fantastic archive material from the commune Friedrichshof, and a young Finn who decides to get rid of his daily ”My Stuff”.

The world is not at its best right now, and the documentary genre has always proved to be the best place for films that deal with protests: ”Everyday Rebellion” does so. Contrary to the tumult is the quiet and safe creative world in ”La Maison de la radio”, the French film about the beauty of words brought to the screen by the great master Nicolas Philibert.

Join the celebration of the 10th homage to the creative documentary!

Tue Steen Müller

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